Producing content without a robust strategy is a bit like trying to kick goals without putting in the training. Not an ideal scenario. 
Sure, you can probably produce an excellent piece here and there, but does it align with your overall mission? Does it serve your greater purpose? 
Our guess would be no. 
To develop a content strategy that is immediately useful, you must:

  • Identify your business' strategic vision and goals
  • Align content creation, governance and distribution activities to deliver against those goals.  

To excel in your content marketing efforts, you need to put in the groundwork. 

Groundwork is our business. We are specialists in the field. 
Let us develop a content strategy that will strengthen your brand messaging and increase your conversion rate. 
Here’s how we can help: 

1. Research and discovery

Build a clear picture of your business. Remove ambiguity.

The first stage of developing a workable content strategy is to build a clear picture of the business through discovery activities. Activities may include interviews, workshops, and audits of your strategic and content products.

At the end of this stage, you will be provided with a report with insights on your business that can be further developed to target customers effectively.

2. Content planning

With the initial research complete, the next step is to implement a content strategy. 

We'll write your unique brand story to align with your business goals and key messaging. 

We’ll then provide an overarching content calendar that will detail when, what and why you are publishing. We’ll even outline how this will move customers through the sales funnel. 

Why Mint Content?

We’re professional and pride ourselves on our expertise, integrity and adaptability. 

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Our recommendations will be grounded in current research and best practice. This gives you confidence in the quality of our advice.
We aim to establish trust that leads to long-term relationships. This means giving you honest, practical advice on the solution that best fits your needs. We give a detailed project scope so that expectations are clear from the get go. 
We will adapt our approach, collaborating and consulting with your staff. We’ll be ready to answer any questions that you have as the project progresses. 
We’re knowledgeable in both business and copywriting - a rare mix that will serve your business well.

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