Publishing blog posts and other online content already? 

Great job. It shows the world you're serious about your business. 

There are many reasons to publish web content under your business’ brand. The most important is to demonstrate expertise in your business domain.

Sharp, informative and well-constructed content demonstrates value to your prospective customers.

It shows that you can deliver. That you’re an authority. And that you’re the business with the most to offer your market.  

By publishing content online, your business has proved that it's smart. You've stepped into the ring. You're leveraging the power of the internet to grow. Great content builds your brand. Maintain it and it will make sure you persist on the internet forever. It will draw new customers into your world.

But how do you know you’re on the right track?

How do you know that your content is of a high enough quality to make a difference and gain a competitive edge?

It's difficult to know how and where to spend your money on content development. Add in the time and energy it takes to publish great content on the regular, and you can end up in trouble fast. 

Content is king...

We've all heard that expression before.

But at Mint Content, high quality content is God.

Content quality is now the prime differentiator in the information economy. So your stuff better be good. 

If you fail to optimise the content you already have, you leave a valuable opportunity on the table. Sloppy content does not demonstrate your business’s value to your prospective customers. 

It does the opposite. People can smell SEO bait a mile away.  

So let the experts audit your content and make sure it's high quality. Make sure it’s doing right by your brand. 

content auditors shaking hands at meeting

Content audit services

Let our writers audit your web content and refocus it to your goals. Central to our approach is a content and style audit. Is your web content on target? Does it serve a purpose to your market?  

Our multi-disciplinary content writers have varied past lives.

On staff: business and finance journalists, research librarians, senior public servants and media advisors. We also work with IT business analysts, project managers and strategists that know tech. 

Other ways we help

WOman proofreading book
Government building from outside
Man learns how to write content

Quality assurance, editing and proofreading

Punchy. Polished. Error free. Grammatically flawless. No matter what your industry, it's never a good for your brand to publish sloppy content.

We have the eagle eye. Leverage our skills to tighten up your words.  

Business writer training       

Mobilise your staff to contribute to your brand. We run group workshops that teach your staff how to write great content to build your business, and improve their own personal brands. (With high quality content, it's always win-win for everyone involved.)


Accessible website content for government

Raise your hand if you love government jargon. Didn't think so! We've helped governments transform website content and correspondence into plain English.

We write content that helps governments achieve WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. 

Content audit resources

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