We've all heard the expression, 'content is king.' But at Mint Content, high quality content is God.

Content quality is now the prime differentiator in the information economy. So your stuff better be good. 

If you fail to optimise the content you already have, you leave a valuable opportunity on the table. Sloppy content does not demonstrate your business’s value to your prospective customers. 

It does the opposite. People can smell SEO bait a mile away.  

So, let the experts review your content and make sure it's high quality. Make sure it’s doing right by your brand.

Here’s how we help.


1. Website content audit


Is your web content on target? Does it serve a purpose to your market?

Let us audit your web content and refocus it to align with your business goals. 

We'll go through your website with a fine-toothed comb, assessing every page for structure, style, readability, relevance, SEO, language, tone and whether it demonstrates value. 

At the end of the audit, you'll receive an extensive report summarising the findings with detailed, actionable recommendations for how to improve. 


2. Actioning audit findings

You can either action the items in the audit report yourself, or we can do it for you.  

If you choose the latter, we'll divide your content into the following categories: 

Light edits: Making sure headings and links are accessible, consistent and readable, with only minor changes to body content. 

Substantial rewriting: Building on existing content to make it more accessible, readable and relevant.

New content: Writing engaging, relevant and search engine optimised content from scratch.

Why Mint Content?


We’re professional and pride ourselves on our expertise, integrity and adaptability. 

Our recommendations will be grounded in current research and best practice. This gives you confidence in the quality of our advice.

We aim to establish trust that leads to long-term relationships. This means giving you honest, practical advice on the solution that best fits your needs. We give a detailed project scope so that expectations are clear from the get go. 

We will adapt our approach, collaborating and consulting with your staff. We’ll be ready to answer any questions that you have as the project progresses. 

We’re knowledgeable in both business and copywriting - a rare mix that will serve your business well.

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